Exhibition : “PARADISE”

PARADISE” is the second solo of INKMAN with Ghaya Gallery in Tunisia after his successful previous exhibition “Kingdom of Letters”.

The artist presented a new color palette with gold, dark green & emerald, playing with lights and shadows inside his canvases. He also exhibited 3 sculptures in shiny stainless steel and brass.

And for his new show, the artist created a new limited edition set of 6 porcelain dish, using a 18 carat Gold decoration affixed by hand, each porcelain is titled, signed and numbered.

“...each painting in this exhibition rendered with a soft focus and vibrant palette, emanates a sense of peace and introspection”

- Kamel Lazaar Foundation -

INKMAN’s courtsey:

Paradise” is a new vision that made me open my mind on new dimension, it let me think about what this world needs, through the daily stories, situations and experiences. The difference of cultures and believes, all this element becomes like the laws of life, when everything is related to a system. Systems that works against the unity.

Paradise” is not about the concept of the perfect land but about the values of life and what makes us humans, values that make this life a paradise…

This exhibition is a mirror of the mind and heart, so be careful because the legend says:

“my artworks will see into your souls and change its color if you are not human”.

“...The exhibition PARADISE is an opportunity for the tunisian public to discover this young tunisian with many facets whose sensitivity can only touch us, move us and convince us to listen to each other, to accept us with our differences...”

- Dora Bouchoucha, Film Producer -



At he same time as the summer, GHAYA gallery invites the painter INKMAN to illustrate in his own way the world of the letter, as perceived in its symbolic but also meditative dimension.

This first solo exhibition in Tunisia promises to be a turning point in the career of the artist who now wishes to develop his projects in an environment that is dear to him. A logical and pragmatic artist, INKMAN traveled across the continents in search of the perfect surface and the most contemporary form to give the expression of his most intimate beliefs in Arabic letters. Installed in Tunisia for ever, but eager for travel, he selects his partnerships with the galleries that accompanies him with much seriousness and reflection, considering that his trait belongs to multiple horizons before belonging to a gallery.

"... She led me with her passion to a kingdom called, the kingdom of letters"


INKMAN assumes to pour his paint on all the supports that attracts him, he likes to venture into the street, where finally the other becomes a spectator of everyday life and where things are ephemeral. Like a perforator, he also works on drawing, painting, metal and looks at all possibilities, even going so far as to think of the greatness of the bronze for his sculptures.

Because the time is for blooming and evolution, GHAYA gallery has accompanied him towards new uses of color and matter. It exposes within its walls black painted sculptures are left in the most raw state of matter. Drawings have taken place on one of the gallery’s rails, on which the artist has interwoven with Latin letters, causing a disturbing visual effect in the viewer. Are we looking at Arabic or French? Doubt hovers until the unmistakable reading of the cartel which gives information on the dimension, the theme, the technique and the date.

INKMAN solicits our senses, from touch to sight, nothing is left to chance to give to see a contemporary calligraphy as refined as possible.

Location : GHAYA Gallery – Tunisia